The teacher becomes the pupil


I know I should be updating my content more often and sticking to my own rules. But this last couple of months have been so extraordinary I needed every second to let all the insights and ideas sink in.
Well, after a trip home to Ireland in November, Read More…

Mental aerobics


Sportsmen and women will all tell you that when they are exercising, there comes a moment when a new level of consciousness kicks in. A moment when that voice inside their head stops telling them to give up, that they cannot go on a moment longer, or worse still, that they never should have started in the first place. When that moment comes the body and mind unite and they develop a rhythm, not too fast, not too slow. Their breathing settles, and there is no doubt in their mind that they will reach that finish line, or see the clock hit the top of the hour, or that they will keep pumping till the music stops.

With writing it’s the same process. Read More…

The sense of an ending


Just back from Ireland and as usual with a stock of books bought at the airport Eason´s that always has great bargains and special offers. This time it was the three for two offer. I use such opportunities to be more experimental in my choice of book and perhaps pick an author I have previously not read. Read More…

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