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John Williams wrote a masterpiece when he created Stoner

Stoner by John Williams My rating: 5 of 5 stars I have been wondering for a while why this book is so good. On the surface it appears to break the rules for writing compelling fiction: it tells much more than it shows, is not about a particularly (apparently) interestingRead the Rest…

The teacher becomes the pupil

Guys, I know I should be updating my content more often and sticking to my own rules. But this last couple of months have been so extraordinary I needed every second to let all the insights and ideas sink in. Well, after a trip home to Ireland in November,

Mental aerobics

Sportsmen and women will all tell you that when they are exercising, there comes a moment when a new level of consciousness kicks in. A moment when that voice inside their head stops telling them to give up, that they cannot go on a moment longer, or worse still, thatRead the Rest…

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