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The novel, The Cloths of Heaven, showcased here. was not written recently. In fact it is celebrating its 10th anniversary as a paperback. But it did get a new lease of life a couple of months ago as an ebook. It is now available both as a kindle and a nook! But without it, I would never have been invited to write my column for Suite101 which has now evolved into the writing handbook, The Writing Process and ultimately, I would never have become a writing coach and had the thrill of helping others discover their writing talents and take on the challenge of writing a book.

The blog is for you, and will be written either as a response to what I discover when I coach other writers or as a result of an insight gained during my own writing process.

Or in response to your comments. So, make sure you ask your questions or comment on what the writing process means to you.

Interested in being coached as a writer? Then let me know in the comments below or mail me, and get a free copy of  The Writing Process, from idea to bookshelf when you sign up for a coaching. If you prefer to work alone, but would like a copy of  The Writing Process, from idea to bookshelf    then for € 5,- it is yours!

Just as long as you make 2013 the year you realise the dream of writing that book!

Join up, comment, ask questions. I can’t wait to start helping you!

And if you want other writers to find us, and give us their input then don’t forget to share this.

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