The teacher becomes the pupil

I know I should be updating my content more often and sticking to my own rules. But this last couple of months have been so extraordinary I needed every second to let all the insights and ideas sink in.
Well, after a trip home to Ireland in November, my ideas for my new book were turned completely upside down. All it took was one conversation and pennies began to drop, one after the other, causing me to re-evaluate and re-think my views, my beliefs, my ambitions and where I am right now.
I returned home to Holland, rolled a generous piece of old wallpaper across my living room floor, equipped myself with post-its in various shapes and colours, and began noting down every thought, insight and idea that came to mind on the topic that had been triggered by that one conversation I had in Ireland.
I am so excited! Believe me, this new book is going to be amazing! In the space of three months I have gathered ideas, shuffled them around, synopsized the book, created my chapter breakdown – all according to the guidelines of The Writing Process. It was fantastic to discover that the principles I myself defined when I wrote it, still apply. The book is of invaluable help when embarking on a new writing project and I expect to help me to keep going no matter what, until this book is finished.
The method in The Writing Process, developed while I was writing The Cloths of Heaven. It has subsequently formed the basis for my work as a writing coach. Now it is my guide for my own writing activities.
Don’t take my word for it!

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