There’s no mystery to being a writer

I guess that since you are reading this blog, you’ve been toying with the idea of writing. Maybe you’re a regular blogger and think it’s time to tackle a substantial piece of writing. Or maybe you feel the need to express yourself.

The reason doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are at least beginning to take that idea seriously and have started looking for information, guidance and support. If you weren’t, you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog!

Let me take the mystery out of writing and to tell you, quite simply, that if I can do it, so can you!

Here are some pointers to get you started.

–        Invest in two notebooks (or create two separate files on your computer). Why? Because the instant you decide to take your writing seriously, the gremlins will start to whisper in your ear that you are not good enough, your ideas are boring, you should come down off that cloud…. and oh, so much more. One notebook (or file) should be used solely to write down ALL these comments. Believe me, writing them down gets them out of your head. It will literally make room for something else: creative ideas. These should ONLY be written into the second notebook (or file).  Do it in the coming weeks, and tell me what a difference it has brought to your writing life.

–        Set aside time every day to write. It doesn’t matter that it’s only the voices of the gremlins that spring to mind initially, write it down anyway. Why? Simply to get the wheels in motion and to build a writing habit.

–        If you are lucky enough, once the gremlins have been dealt with, new, unexpected ideas pop into your head. Jot them all down. Do not re-read or edit at this stage. Why? That will encourage the gremlins to step into the driver’s seat again which is exactly what we do not want. These ideas should be unabashed, free, far-fetched and even ridiculous if that’s what it takes to get the wheels in motion. But they don’t have to be. They may seem, at first glance to be quite ordinary, mundane and even unoriginal. It doesn’t matter.

–        Do not be discouraged. Remember, it is quite likely that what you have to say has been said before, maybe several times. But you have never said it before. And the sum of your experiences, point of view and way of processing life’s lessons is unique to you.

–        Become an observer. If you are in the train, in the line at the supermarket, or taking a solitary walk (which I highly recommend), be aware of everything going on around you. And write it down as soon as you can. Just stick to describing what you have observed in an uncensored fashion. Do not worry about sentence structure or fancy vocabulary or anything else. Just write.

These are techniques I use and they have helped me to write several novels and a handbook on The Writing Process, which is your for € 5,-. Just mail me.

If you have any tips on how you started writing or if you have any questions about how to keep up the momentum, then I’d like to read your comments. Just click the leave a reply option and let me know.

Would you prefer to sign up for writing coaching? Let me know. If you sign up for a series of sessions The Writing Process is yours for free.

If you purchased The Cloths of Heaven either as a paperback or eBook let me know. You will receive its companion, The Writing Process, for free. Just mail me a copy of your purchase order and I will send you the PDF by return mail.

Have I forgotten anything? Just ask me!

Oh, and welcome aboard. I know I am looking forward to getting to know you as a writer. Leave a comment, ask questions, or sign up for coaching.

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